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WhatsAble Partners with ThinkEngine to Revolutionize Customer Communication

Posted by | May 16, 2024

WhatsAble Partners with ThinkEngine to Revolutionize Customer Communication

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between WhatsAble and ThinkEngine, a renowned agency celebrated for its innovation and excellence. This collaboration aims to automate and enhance customer/client communications, marking a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize customer interaction.

At WhatsAble, our mission has always been to simplify and optimize communication processes for businesses. Our powerful WhatsApp API tool specializes in automated messaging triggered by specific actions, utilizing popular integration extensions like Zapier and By joining forces with ThinkEngine, we are poised to take our capabilities to the next level, streamlining communication processes and improving overall efficiency.

WhatsAble seamlessly integrates with Zapier, enabling efficient WhatsApp notifications. Our features include the ability to send messages and attachments to multiple recipients, define receivers within the WhatsAble dashboard, craft personalized messages without strict formatting, and send notifications to different numbers effortlessly. Additionally, our tool allows for easy setup of triggers, personalized messages, and inclusion of attachments for various purposes such as real estate leads, deals on HubSpot, Shopify orders, Google Sheets integration, Tally form submissions, and transferring Facebook leads to WhatsApp.

This partnership sets a new industry standard by addressing the challenges of manual customer communication. By embracing automation and efficiency, WhatsAble is poised to influence industry trends and redefine customer interaction norms. Studies show that businesses utilizing automated messaging witness a marked increase in customer satisfaction and engagement rates. The integration of WhatsAble into ThinkEngine’s tech ecosystem promises substantial benefits in time-saving, accuracy, and customer relationship management.

Our founder, Axel, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership:

"I am thrilled about WhatsAble's partnership with ThinkEngine, an agency renowned for its commitment to helping clients achieve automation excellence. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of simplifying and enhancing communication processes for businesses. Together, we're set to redefine the standards of client communication through automation, making every interaction more impactful and efficient.

At WhatsAble, we are dedicated to unlocking new potentials and creating seamless experiences, and this partnership is a pivotal step towards achieving that."

We at WhatsAble are excited about the possibilities that this partnership brings and are committed to delivering unparalleled value to our clients through innovative solutions. Get in contact if you think WhatsAble could help you level up your business or if you would like to see a demo of our application in action.